Your Innovative, Digital Waste Management Tool

Your Innovative, Digital Waste Management Tool


“Rezycl is an operational software solution that tackles the reporting challenges associated with waste. And it saves us money.”

Kristian Stelzig, operations manager, NREP

“Because Recycl is so easy to use, we save around 250,000 DKK per year in man-hours.”

Peter Christiansen, teamleader, Arwos

Take control over your own ESG data

Waste management and documentation have never been more crucial than they are today – especially concerning ESG reporting, CO2 emissions, sustainability, and cost reduction.

The increasing demands from authorities for compliance and data collection require new solutions. And Rezycl is that solution.

The problem today is that the waste industry functions in such a way that the waste hauler delivers your waste data once a year in a spreadsheet. The best of them offers you to login and get your data in their system, but they own the system, not you.

On top of that you’re betting your business compliance on waste data given to you by a third party.

Rezycl changes that and gives you full control over your own data.

With one click in your own system you can collect data, change hauler, generate statistics, and see all costs while fulfilling all documentation requirements for your waste.

Waste Management
Waste Management

We understand your waste sorting and ESG reporting challenges

  • All companies must document waste for ESG reporting

  • All companies must sort their waste according to EU law

  • Far more control by the authorities of correct documentation
  • Greater environmental awareness and increased demands from your customers

The solution: Rezycl

The solution: Rezycl

  • Rezycl works like a financial management system but for waste data

  • Rezycl makes you independent from your waste hauler because you get your own management system

  • Rezycl uses artificial intelligence that constantly makes the system “smarter” and more effective

  • Rezycl is an online software solution that can adapt with your companies’ colors and logo

Waste Management

Rezycl offers a smart waste data management system independent of your waste hauler and customizable with your company’s branding. It’s an AI-enhanced, online solution that adapts to your business’s unique style and needs.

Waste Management

Rezycl streamlines your operations with automatic data transfer and offers 24/7 access to updated collection orders and data. It also features intelligent, automated error-checking for supplier invoices.

Waste Management

Rezycl’s efficient tender module utilizes your historical data for quick and effective decisions. It allows you to control and manage contracts with haulers, providing a clear overview of CO2 emissions and more. All on your terms.

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We understand your industry

Facility management

Become independent from all suppliers, by having your own software tool to order collections and document all of your waste. At the same time, there is a lot of money to be saved by having an overview of your waste and costs related to it.

Hospitality industry

By having control over your own data, it becomes easier to document sustainability in relation to Greenkey and ESG reporting. At the same time, you can save money by optimizing waste disposal and changing haulers.

Recycling depot

It is crucial that waste containers are emptied efficiently in terms of space, time, and economy. With Rezycl, you always have up-to-date statistics while saving money on man-hours by using a smarter system.