About us

About us

We create software to help you better understand, optimize, and reduce your waste.

Who is Rezycl?

Rezycl was created to give companies like yours an online tool, that collects full documentation for all waste in one place and across all haulers.

Rezycl has many years of experience in the industry from companies that produce waste, from the waste broker side, as well as working with haulers.

With this background, Rezycl has essentially developed as an innovative and user-friendly online solution. This allows you to become independent from the waste haulers you use and provides you with access to — and full ownership over — your own data.

We have developed a practical and intelligent system that, beyond being able to order collections, can monitor operations and show statistics, be it quantities, financials, CO2 emissions, etc.

A system that easily collects data, has automatic invoice control, and on top of that offers an integrated tender module.

Rezycl is a modern and future proof online waste management system.



Peter Hyldgaard, CEO

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