By switching to Rezycl three Danish municipalities save time and money in the process of emptying containers at recycling stations.

The increasing demands from authorities for compliance and data collection mean that new solutions are emerging. At the same time, there are significant savings to be made if approached correctly.

This is what Peter Christiansen tells. He is Team Leader at Aabenraa’s utility company, Arwos, and responsible for the operation of the municipality’s eight recycling centres with 25 employees.

Along with the municipalities of Vejen and Haderslev, Aabenraa has switched to using Rezycl as their waste management system.

And after Arwos changed to Rezycl from their previous system, the process has become much easier, explains Peter Christiansen.

“Because Rezycl is so easy to use, my estimate is that we save around 250,000 DKK annually in man-hours. This is because both I and my employees spend much less time on administration, training, and hassle with the program,” said Peter Christiansen.

Better planning

Instead of him, as a manager, manually assigning the task of emptying filled containers to the drivers, the task is now handled directly between the site-responsible recycling personnel and the drivers who transport the waste for further treatment.

Specifically, the system works in such a way that the site-responsible personnel notify the drivers via Rezycl’s app that a specific container is full. The message reaches the drivers with the same app, which they approve with a single tap.

Because emptying is ordered in real-time, the driver can better plan his route and load, allowing for optimized use of time, explains Peter Christiansen.

As an administrator, he can always keep track of which containers are being collected and emptied, but he doesn’t need to do much more. And because the app is intuitive and easy to use, the employees can manage the work themselves.

“Normally, there is resistance when new systems replace old ones. But in this case, everyone thinks Rezycl is better than the old system. And that’s rare,” said Peter Christiansen.

Data management

While the organization of emptying has become easier and simpler, Peter Christiansen from Arwos also greatly appreciates the overview that Rezycl provides.

Here, he always has control over the quantities and types of waste disposed of, as well as revenues and expenses.

“It becomes increasingly important for us to know at all times how much of the various types of waste we produce and what CO2 footprint it creates. And we can also see that with Rezycl,” he said.

Moreover, Rezycl allows Peter Christiansen to control whether the invoices he receives from waste receivers are correct. At each delivery, the waste is weighed, after which the driver enters the number into the app.

“And sometimes, the invoice that arrives later shows different numbers. And then I investigate if there has been a mistake,” he said, elaborating:

“But the best part is that Recycl is so easy to use. Both for me as an administrator and for my site personnel as users. It just works.”